Language tutoring is provided online or in person (in Tunisia).  We offer two forms of tutoring: assistance with homework from other language coursework, and Total Physical Response (TPR) instruction.

TPR is a language-acquisition methodology which allows learners to “relearn the world” in their new language.  It utilizes physical activity, manipulable objects, and pictures to assist students in building a solid foundation for deep growth in a new language and culture.  TPR attempts to simulate, to a certain degree, the way in which children learn their first language. 

Instruction is entirely in the new language, and understanding is aided by context (pictures, non-verbal signals, actions, etc.).  Students will move objects, physically act out commands, and point to pictures, all in the new language.  

Because TPR focuses on listening comprehension without translation, students are able to come closer to native-like pronunciation, grammatical constructions, and vocabulary usage.  TPR provides new language learners with a low-stress, enjoyable method with which to enter into a new linguistic environment without having to translate or think through their native-language structures.