Who are we?

 Takalanea was founded as a center for language education and translation in 2009 to cater to learners of all types, levels and age groups. We offer instruction for modern languages such as Arabic, French and more as well as languages of the Ancient Near East such as Greek and Hebrew. Our coursework employs broadly focused themes(politics, religion, culture) for the development of the student's language competence from the first word up to proficiency. Through our website the learner can study with ease, using both written lessons and/or audiovisual recordings.

Our site utilizes an open-source learning platform called Moodle. After signing up, the learner can use Moodle to download a lesson and study any time, at their own pace. Our teachers and web administrator are available to help with any instructional issues that may arise as well as any technical problems.

Our lessons feature select content, quality methods, and a rigorous application of the latest global teaching methods (TPR, GPA, etc.). These methods, which are far from awkward and dry translation, draw upon international academic research in both the fields of pedagogy and educational psychology. Our slogan is that in teaching a language " we're creating  a new personality for the learner".

 Our Staff

Managing the center as well as the website, our elite staff are well versed in the teaching process, the academic arena, and the realities of teaching languages.

Why this center and this website?


What distinguishes our center and website is proficiency,  dependability, dedication and up to date knowledge. Our center provides an inexhaustible spring of knowledge and is a bastion for the instruction of languages, a resource for those seeking educational, personal and professional development. We are not content with merely providing high quality instruction, thus we also offer up-to date books, glossaries and educational software. Our objective is to help you advance towards your goal.

Our Motto


 Dedication, Fidelity, Precision, Mastery

Language means conversation and whenever there is conversation ambiguity and misunderstanding disappear, just as it's said "The one who builds a school closes a prison."

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions, comments, or inquiries at

Phone:   +21653009831    /   +21622570730

Thank you in advance !